G-1 Climax: Long Beach or Tokyo?

New Japan Pro Wrestling officially announced the on sale date for their two day Long Beach, CA “G-1 Special” shows.  Tickets will go on sale on April 1st at 8am PDT – an unfortunate date and time for most of the United States’ biggest wrestling travelers, who will be pre-occupied with WrestleMania weekend festivities.

What options do WrestleMania travelers have for purchasing G1 Special tickets?  It would be easy, albeit inconvenient, to whip out your smartphone and purchase tickets at any of the number of events you’ll be attending but have you considered skipping Long Beach and heading to Tokyo instead?

Long Beach, CA or Tokyo, Japan?

Tickets to Tokyo during the G-1 right now are available for under $900 out of multiple U.S. Airports, whereas any cross country trips to Long Beach are running $350+ at present moment.  Combine airfare to the wonderful city of Long Beach, where Los Angeles county hotels rank amongst the priciest for entry and mid-level accommodations in the country and it makes it a no-brainer to maximize your vacation dollar. There are affordable options to visit Tokyo in July & August!

If you are considering traveling for the G1 shows in Long Beach, I highly recommend you spend the next few days researching your travel options.  What will it cost you to make it to Long Beach and how does that compare to Tokyo?  What cultural experiences are you looking forward to and which city offers them, Tokyo or Long Beach?  You might be surprised how affordable it is to get to Japan in the summer months and you’ll finally be able to cross “watching puroresu in Tokyo” off your bucket list.

As of present moment, no lineup has been announced for these shows nor has clarification been provided on the format.  Will the G-1 Special feature exhibition matches using G1 contestants, be presented as part of the G1 Climax tournament, or is this a cleverly disguised Ring of Honor / New Japan Pro Wrestling show under the New Japan banner?

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.54.07 PM

I’m confident that New Japan is bringing their A-game heading into a new market. Rumors are plentiful about reestablishing a training dojo in the Los Angeles area.  I know for sure I will be in Long Beach as close to the action as I possibly can for both events.

Where Can I find the cheapest flights to Tokyo?

If you’ve never used Google Flights, meet your new favorite travel partner.  Google Flights compares all of the major airlines with advanced search options that allow you to see costs with flexible parameters (instantly comparing different travel dates and departure cities) as well as the option to sign up for notifications when prices drop below the rates you’re seeing when searching!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 6.04.31 PM

I’ve Found a Cheap Flight to Tokyo — Now What?

Now your adventure begins!  Don’t delay in booking hotel accommodations!  Good deals are to be had and will only increase as you wait to book!

If you’re new to this or are on a strict budget, let me help you!  For additional information on traveling to Japan to this summer for the G-1 Climax,  including maps of the TOKYO DOME / KORAKUEN HALL area, locations of wrestler owned and wrestling themed bars and restaurants, where to buy t-shirts and souvenirs, phrases to help you navigate JAPAN, read the first chapter of my book PURORESU TRAVEL or purchase the book on AMAZON or NOOK.



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