Obtain A Passport & Travel The Globe

You’ve made a list of the top ten destinations in the world you want to travel to. You have even put aside a dedicated amount from every paycheck and reduced your viceful spending in order to budget for the trip but you won’t be going anywhere internationally without a passport!

Getting a passport is pretty straight forward, although it can be a time consuming process so make sure you have the paperwork ready and give yourself ample time!  If you’re planning on going to the G-1 Climax in Japan this summer, you need to prioritize getting your passport paperwork filed by May 1st!

The United States Department of State offers expedited services but they are costly and are best reserved for true emergencies.  Don’t waste your valuable money due to poor planning!  A U.S. Passport will cost anywhere from $110 for renewals to just under $200 if you’re a first time applicant wanting a U.S. Passport Book & Card.  A card is not required but if you ever plan on crossing the Mexican border (to see Lucha Libre at the Auditoro de Tijuana) by car or foot, it greatly decreases the amount of time spent waiting in the processing line.

Fill out the paperwork!

Whether you’re applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one, you’ll need to have the paperwork prepared before you go to the passport office!

Copies of the appropriate forms can be found at https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/forms.html

Gather your proof of identity and citizenship!

Your paperwork needs to be accompanied by documentation proving you are a U.S. citizen and that you are you!  This could be a pain in the butt if you’ve ever lost any of your important birth documents (birth certificate, social security card) or never applied for a driver’s license. If anything you need is missing, you will need to reapply for those documents!  The great news is that once you have your U.S. Passport you will have a document that establishes both your U.S. citizenship and your identity, which will make starting a new job much easier than in the past!

Say Cheese!

All Passports require a passport photo!  Most passport offices will have the ability to take a photo there.  In the event the passport facility you choose doesn’t take photos, check your local pharmacies or office supply stores.

You will then need to find if there is an accepted passport facility (such as a local post office or notary) or a Regional Passport Office in your area.  You can search by postal code at https://iafdb.travel.state.gov/

If you live in a rural area, don’t worry, you can also submit your passport by mail (with an additional form, of course.)


Smile, You’re Traveling!!!


For additional information on traveling to Japan to this summer for the G-1 Climax,  including maps of the TOKYO DOME / KORAKUEN HALL area, locations of wrestler owned and wrestling themed bars and restaurants, where to buy t-shirts and souvenirs, phrases to help you navigate JAPAN, read the first chapter of my book PURORESU TRAVEL or purchase the book on AMAZON or NOOK.


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